welcome to cobra lily design

Cobra Lily is an independent graphic design and fine art studio located in northern Vermont.

At the studio, I am pursuing a career that blends my interest in the natural world with my life-long desire to express myself through visual art.

The design projects I have engaged in are meaningful. I have worked largely for non-profit organizations, or for local businesses that consider the environment and their employees to be of equal importance to their products and services.

"Pleasant Valley," pastel on prepared board. 12" x 15" © 2006 Heidi R. Albright

My fine art emerged out a love for the environment that took me through nearly eight years of studying biology and has led me to try to integrate my intellectual interest for the natural world with my artistic sensibilities, forming Cobra Lily Design and Studio.

All photos, artwork and text © 2006-2010 Heidi R. Albright. All rights reserved.