about the artist

I grew up in Vermont wanting to be a surgeon, a poet and an artist. By the time I went to college, I had decided on a self-designed major in scientific illustration. It was never realized, however, because my ill-matched freshman advisor told me: “no one does that anymore... just major in biology.” So I did. I eventually found a new advisor, but by then was completely embedded in undergraduate scientific research.

"Self -Portrait with Shell," graphite on paper. 19" x 12" © Heidi R. Albright

After completing my M.S. degree in biology in 2002, I decided to pursue the original idea of “artist-scientist.”  I am continuing my study of fine art and design through various art workshops and semester long courses at local colleges.

My goal is to act as an interpreter of the natural world, to see with the eyes of a scientist and the heart of an artist. I am particularly interested in “eco-design, ” using recycled materials, minimizing the waste of natural resources and using natural materials readily at hand.

My other interests include Aikido, hiking, bicycling, gardening and reading.

I live in northern Vermont with my husband Benjamin, our sons Caleb and Kai, and our paunchy cat, Ronin.


All photos, artwork and text © 2006-2010 Heidi R. Albright. All rights reserved.