design and layout: some samples

  • Designed a scientific poster for Ecological Society of America conference
  • Designed 2-page spread ads for publication in a trade magazine, ASCFG
  • Created a PowerPoint presentation for flower conference
  • Designed wine label using original artwork (see Silver Wines)
  • Developed letterhead and business card designs for several businesses and non-profits
  • Created information cards for busy acupuncture practice
  • Designed and produced a business package, including logo, business cards, brochure, letterhead for non-profit martial arts school
  • Created annual newsletter (design, editing, and layout) for non-profit
  • Produced 25-page handbook (design, editing, and layout) for non-profit
  • Designed literature and lawn signs for locally elected Progressive-party politician
Event poster, 8.5" x 11"
Political campaign card, 5.5" x 11" double-sided.
Business card , 2' x 3.5"
CD cover for artist's portfolio, 5" x 5"
tri-fold color brochure, 8.5 x 11"
Logo for mountain bike repair shop, 7 x 7"
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