about the artist

heidi albright, artist, farmer

my name is heidi albright, and every day i try understand who i am, and why any of us are here. most of the time i am a farmer, but i am also an artist, writer, ecologist, graphic designer and tinkerer.

i am inspired by nature, by connections, by compassion.

i love to study light and color, order and chaos, texture and weight in the materials i use: wood and acrylic paint, pastels, printmaking, watercolor and ink, pencil and charcoal.

i am usually busy farming, homeschooling, homesteading, and trying to write more stories. when i can, i try to fix things that are broken.

since graduating in 2002 with a master’s of science degree in biology (ecology and evolution) from the university of vermont, i try to interpret the world with the eyes and mind of a scientist and the heart and hand of an artist. there is always more to learn.

vermont is a paradox of beauty: harsh winters followed by impossibly lush summers. constantly changing weather and the cycle of the seasons remind me that nothing stays the same for very long. life is a constant evolution from one form to another.

i am learning that every moment is open to the universe of possibility.